Opportunity Meets Preparation: Auditions

As an actor, auditions are my least favorite thing, and we have to do them all the time. I shake violently (with nerves? or just adrenaline? I still don’t know), I feel scatter-brained, and I want to hide my head in the sand like an ostrich till it’s over. One of my smaller goals in life is to go into an audition someday without wanting to run screaming. But until then, I’m learning to work with my nerves, ignore the shaking, and not wear three-inch spike heels, lest I fall over.

As a producer or director, I relish auditions. Not that I enjoy other actors’ nerves, because my heart goes out to them. I love basking in the talent. This past weekend was one of best weekends I’ve ever had, because man oh man, did I get to see a lot of excellent actors work. The Fools & Kings Project got lucky with the level of talent that came out for our very first show. I could gush about our powerhouse Midsummer cast for days,

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Acting Sucks. Do It Anyway.

Well, acting doesn’t suck. Acting’s the best. Being an actor sucks, but that title wouldn’t have sounded as good.

Living as an actor in New York City is WEIRD. Normal people don’t do this. Normal people get degrees in things like “Engineering” or “Education”, and they follow the clearly laid out path of job interviews, masters degrees, and salaried jobs. It’s not that there aren’t challenges in all career paths; of course there are, especially when the job market is awful and there aren’t a plethora of jobs to even apply for. But that’s a totally different set of frustrations.

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